A Demon within our very souls… Lets talk about Guns and Schools.

Guns and Schools

If you have heard recently there been a school shooting in Florida. Where a scum of the earth decided to act out and kill innocent lives at a place of learning. My goal in this article is to make a clear point. As I am on the fence about gun control... as there is a clear reason for both sides and I would like to end this discussion when we have solved this problem, not because we get distracted and bored of the topic. (more…)

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First Impressions

I like large battles, where is my fricken 50v50 mode! Fortnite Free-2-Play Review

Please don't be mad when I say how much I hate the idea of mass FFA... Especially in games that are one life. Fortnite disappoints me.

Granted I will NEVER get PUBG (unless a friend gets it for me.) and most likely will uninstall Fortnite. I only really wanted to play 50v50 mode... but it seems that I missed the window when it was running. Its gone now, great... I wanted a warzone of 2 factions, not a short-lived survival game... I'd play Survival of the fittest for that shit. Nonetheless I am ranting and honestly, maybe I should step back and explain why. (more…)

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Wisdom or advice

Its Raid or be Raided

Something that is common and repeatable in human nature

The Urge to conquer, to claim and to control... Ark is no different in this regard, give everyone a chance to kill any other player character and there will be someone that strikes. It's deep in their psyche that wants to raid to steal, gain or suppress targets to stay on top. Only Raiding seems to be on the front of many PvP players and the thrill of defeating a target. We seek power for any reason, the power to control our fates or others. (more…)

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First Impressions

Kingdom and Castles Review: Its good to be the king

Kingdom and Castles

For a game that new that isn't early access on steam gotta say, it's a good time waster. [steam store page]
Kingdom and Castles is the god view kingdom management game where you start as a small hamlet to a mighty kingdom on a island... The game is like a sim city but medival goodness and dragons... like hell who doesn't like dragons? well maybe your villagers as their house and farms gets roasted. Good if you don't want to do much but if your not on easy mode how you design your defenses can royally wreck your whole kingdom.

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