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Leave the furries alone, and YEET your hate in the trash

Like most fandoms they a loosely organized with anthro-morpth (human-like animals) art fascination

Furries are not a new or some phase… Been around for centuries (Egyptian mythology for example)

Hate for furries (in my experience) stems from cringe and strong homosexual following as the fandom at large is generally friendly and welcoming… Generally being a safe haven allowing those having an interest of anthromorthic art… Meaning if there was a way too currately identify furries overall, the amount of furries would be numerous without exaggeration

Furries are not self governed and open community means not all of them are nice and respectable.. I rarely find a self-accepted furry I personally didn’t like and normally hate to these individuals are not moderated in any way or form. So bad apples will occur but isn’t right to blame the group for the acts of an individual