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[status report] you’ve failed me for the last time Microsoft!, I expected better

I’ve been dealing with a reoccurring malware attack that was a result of an MSI hack a few yesrs back, that the problem decided to go meteorically nuclear. which allow the hackers to upload a false software driver update for windows users, Since Microsoft doesn’t give users the level of control to stop this attack or spending more money that I personally can’t spend on a whim since my income is fixed (shot back of head in ’19, still recovering) since my windows 10 install was killed I’m unwilling to subject my system to a reoccurring security threat every 35 days, I’ve dropped windows for linux and other than a few issues (that can be overcome with countless developers and guides) if your pretty well skilled computer user, linux is a good and pretty solid choice now a days) I grew up with windows, 89 days so getting to this point should be clear. fuck you Microsoft, I’m out!

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