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Rant eve online needs focus

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As overall playership has declined since it’s hayday in early 2000’s eve Online is vastly different than the hardcore cutthroat space sim that started… Form removing medical clone skill point loss and making cyno fields be limited to specific ship types to reduce hot dropping (A method to overwhelm a single fleet or pilot with a vast number of capital vessels to ensure destruction of it nwanted individuals remove by destroying their ship with overwhelming damage. If a titan involved normally a doomsday device activation) causing instant death of pilot’s clone and implants lost…

One thing that bugs me is sweeping changes that require a Respec like mining being nerfed pretty hard extracting skills can be a ideal way for quick isk bulk income but injection is has penalized for pilots with already veterans with monstrous amount of skill points back when eve was a pay to play game and if you stop paying your characters can become unusable when reverted to alpha status (free to play) which is another rant I might make later.

Eve is a group based game where specialized pilots contribute to the corporation to make isk to buy Plex to maintain omega status… The larger group that is cooperative with each other will always be on top as some tasks (like hauling and mining) is very boring and can be a huge time investment without specific support to speed up or improve efficient skills to push ship hardware to the limits.

I’m kind of happy that preying on new players is strongly discouraged they’re giving new players a fair chance to start up and not be there picked on I honestly didn’t have this problem but I know many people did