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drakeal network is an gaming community of civil and friendly folks that been sticking together since 2007 from eve online but jump together from game too game collaboration to achieve goals and share knowledge amongst follow members…

few things to know before you join our discord…

  1. No harassment, bullying or racism or otherwise.
  2. No minors (under 13) allowed this is to comply with COPPA as we are a American based community.
  3. English speaking chatting
  4. Push to talk in voice channels enforced… Had too many issues with people using voice activation and being obnoxious with background noise.
  5. Political or religious messages are too be kept at a minimum unless everyone is ok with it… But generally such topics are to be moved to private messages this is to minimize fighting and keeping the environment clear allowing comfortable area to discuss.
  6. Funding campaigns like (GoFundMe) must be okayed by executor before posting anywhere on any channel
  7. we’re a LGBT friendly community… Ultimately it’s none of our business unless you wish to share or discuss.