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A Small Long Term Gaming group since 2007, Led by ΩEthanPow. We are a Mature Group of gamers prefer friendly, Respectable, and Honorable players that like to get together online to play games.


Our Goal is to be playing games and promoting the co-operative environment for gamers new and old to grow.

Drakeal Network Requires any that join our discord, Servers or partake in our streams follow these rules.

Code of Conduct

  1. Don’t promote outright illegal activity or knowledge of pursuing illegal activity within their own country.
  2. Trolling or actions to clearly provoke members negatively for self-enjoyment at clear harm of another is prohibited.
  3. Any action to scam, con, or take advantage of another financially will be outright rejected and reported when necessary
  4. Harassing (to continue or harass) people after being told to discontinue is prohibited.
  5. impersonating an administrator or staff of the community is bannable
  6. Falsely Report Another for any reason is prohibited.
  7. Respect other members, you would want the same and even if you didn’t want respect… still give it. If they brake that respect then maturely don’t give them any.

Policy Rules/Rule of Thumb

  1. Push to talk is enforced on general and public channels.  The reasoning for this is we had many times where people would bleed sound or kept their mics on when family, friends or self sound effects bleed into the chat. Private channel with Push to talk can be granted to members that remain active in discord.
  2. Self/Other Promotion is allowed with Express permission from Community Leader EthanPow. This Permission is Limited to a single time. We ask if you promote on our channels you promote us on your channels.
  3. Fundraisers(GoFundMe etc.) are not allowed unless posted by community leaders and administrators.
  4. Politics as a rule of thumb should be avoided, However, you are free to discuss politics or such as long the discussion is open and free form toxic behavior
  5. Voice (Talking over)Overpowering, Talking over or dominating a discussion without letting people talk or cutting people off is not only rude. No matter who started it, Don’t continue it. Talking over people by mistake will happen and giving everyone a chance to talk should be allowed to place in their 2 cents.
  6. Cussing/Slang/Adult language is allowed here, if you are not mature to handle to speak like an adult then you shouldn’t be on here. Racial language is allowed, ONLY, when all parties in the discussion is ok with it. Cussing abusively is prohibited.
  7. Religion As there is too many out there, We HIGHLY recommend all religious discussion be done in private unless all individuals are open to discuss.