DrakealCraft: Origin of the indestructible leviathan blade

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Our natural world energy permits the ground with magical to allow the improvement of tools that why diamonds on our world are so strong than normal carbon… It’s power was connected to the planet and allowed the world to forged a mighty crystal but once removed from the earth it became less intertwined with the magic of the world.

It took decades to carve the pryamid out of the mountain and villagers promised limitless emeralds for their efforts… Many young crushed by rock slides and exploding mishaps. The king was painful days and we hoped the wonderers would be keeping us safe as night fell on our camp. Nothing would make me happy to toss those thieves into the boiling realm of the nether and hear the screams of their dispair… I’m was only a researcher not a miner. I wanted to wield the power freely stuck under our feet. Maybe it’s hubris or irony that the monument to our suffering destroyed just days after.

The king was using my pride and his greed to this well of power for his own ends.

Roman empire was on tense terms of it’s hopes to have a superweapon… To force defeat. Any price for a weapon that brings any heads of state to it’s knees…

Granted I lost many on the wondering pillager hordes…

Once the pryamid of natural stone was finished the energy seemed to radiate power to all of us… My theory seemed more plausible than ever before… A entrance was made to the center with a conduit linked to a enchanting table. Two diamond swords where left behind by the wonderers since the job was finally done. I was instructed to infuse the energy into one of the swords… Then it happened when I placed the sword on the table and assigned the symbol of the water serpent and goddess of the ocean the whole room broke into lightning. Everyone panicked and flee to the outside… The last moment it seemed that the sky was going to consume the temple the door ejected light like a sun in the sky. Then the structure crumbled as the sky tore into the ground it burst into the land leaving a crater below the temple. I went down in the belly feeling terror as if that blade was lost…. So will be my head I guess. Catching myself before I launched into a serious tumble… Lightning still hitting the center. I looked at a sword a glow clearly surging with celestial energy. It got to it before a fellow nosey villager rushed to grab it.

It was sticking straight up into obsidian.. which should have shaddered it but clearly the energy should have infused better toughness into the material. As I pulled it easy form it’s hold I took a look at the blade. It seemed razor thin I striked the ground energy linked to the ground.

“It worked…. Maybe too well. It was foolish to enchant on a conduit like that. My promise to the settlement will be there plus additional goods… I never wanted this to turn out so bad.”

I handed over to him, “all hail the king”, “The Leviathan blade is yours may it’s blessing end any foe in your path.*

“let’s hope I never need to use it.” Replied the king

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