About Us

Small to Medium Group of Gamers that aimed for a mature gaming environment. Started back in 2007 on Eve Online and as far back as 2005 but then it was only a tiny group of 4 people. We seek people that just want to play games on many genres, willing to go through the ups and downs of group gaming. Drakeal Network is Lead by EthanPow as far as management and administration.

The administration is handled by an Executor/council style setup where when the group gets larger more council members are added and when gets smaller members are removed. Council is the ones that will there to veto actions done by the Executor in most situations. As the Executor will make sure things are handled and staff.

Drakeal Network has a blog, forums, voice server(s) and hosting where deemed needed. Will help new and old clans get the place to set up and grow as we can host events.