Eve Online is a test of Patience and planning.

One day you could make it big with low Skill points and again you lose it all because you got ganked in high-sec. Eve Online keeps that sense of realism that other games would avoid like the plague.

What if Fortnite game was over a month long and had over 1,000 players… They could respawn and they retain their weapons and equipment form older games they survived in? Any new players would have a very hard time coming out on top and if you don’t play enough you be killed before you even know it.

This is why I love eve so much, the game lasts forever and you can gain much ground with people with similar interests and have patience playing. Its why I hold fortnite Battle Royal with such low standards because of the game ends pretty quickly. I really avoid games that give instant satisfaction to keep you interested like clicker heros, farmville, clash of clans and such. Maybe I like managing cities/empires but without being on the front lines with my friends it gets instantly dull.

There really no real punishment for losing a match… Eve Online if you lose your ship, you must build one, buy one or ask for help in hopes someone within game or corporation can grant you another vessal. Taking anything out into the cold space will be the death if someone gets on you and keeps you pinned.

Eve Online used to be very hardcore but now its medium-core now.

Granted, Eve had it if you didn’t buy medical clones 10mil SP would disappear each time you died… and these clones were very expensive even for old vets of the game. It would cost 100s to keep yourself form losing points. It became a problem that most older characters NEVER undocked. A hit not only made a chance to lose the skills you needed in professions you used to make ISK.

So you be in a fleet and a bubble gets thrown out… you get targetted first and you’re killed before your logistics can do anything. Since of the bubble you couldn’t warp out of the fleet to keep your implants alive but you forgot that your medical clone was out to date… which ends with you getting locked and a dramiel kills you before you can even approach the edge to warp out. The hit form these instances can be so heart breaking that players just give up and move on.

Risk vs Reward: Sometimes you got to get kill often to get great payout…

Eve online is Everyone vs Everyone… but that means anyone can team up with anyone since everyone can be their target. Learning and adapting to the world will allow you to grow.