When something Happens and it’s your fault, Own it, then fix it so it doesn’t happen again.

My cousin always stated this and honestly it’s something to live by. When you make a mistake or assume something and act on it. It’s better to own it. I know people will go out of their way to lie because of factors at play. I feel if you’re a most honest person you far more mentally stronger than others that do. Like when you worried that someone will overreact, but if you keep it to yourself it will harm yourself far more.

If you got to like people depending on you and your just scraping by with limited info. output the honest data you get and then maybe your team will help move closer to the goal. Coming out a liar and be compounding it with more lies will just dig a grave deeper.

Owning your mistakes, As soon as possible.

the longer you take to own it does damage. Depending on the issues or mistake in question. If you don’t prevent that mistake and keep everyone in the loop than just avoiding it to do less only harms you in the long run.

Maybe it’s more like a personal issue I have when people want to get out of punishment but there hardly any if clear honest info is given. This cloak and dagger shit getting outta hand.

Failure is Inevitable but we learn the most from them.

whoops, moments always happens and we are only human. We are not perfect and this is how we improve. Owning your mistakes to learn helps greatly for our own psyche.

Do the right thing, Own up.