“War, War never changes…”

Yes I know it’s overused, but this is something you may not know that my network admin Colonial Burton told me about a few days ago. Which honestly I can say was funny as Markipiler losing his shit over bread. Something quite unexpected to be honest.

Emu War

The Emu War took place in Australia in the year 1932. The objective was to cut down the Emu population which was causing problems for local farmers. Damaging their property it was clear they had to do something about the matter. With orders for action from Sir George Pearce, the Royal Australian Artillery Deployed.

Special Conditions were applied like only guns being used by military only. To sum up this and make you want to read further into the wiki article. I want to quote this gem from the Dominic Serventy:

The machine-gunners’ dreams of point blank fire into serried masses of Emus were soon dissipated. The Emu command had evidently ordered guerrilla tactics, and its unwieldy army soon split up into innumerable small units that made use of the military equipment uneconomic. A crestfallen field force therefore withdrew from the combat area after about a month.

So they lost the war because of a few factors but honestly, I can hand it off to Mother Nature for this one.