We can’t Terraform another to escape our failure.

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore, However its the only planet we got. People can’t stand the actions of our administration to leave the Paris accords which I agree we need to maintain our environment. I heard from Conservative talk shows how we need to get out how it hurts our jobs… however I don’t think that issue matters now.

Coal is an old fuel for an older age that I hope we started to move on from. Renewable fuel sources are taking their place and what I can see it’s going to happen. Jobs are beginning to spring up and those that have done heavy duty labor in the coal industry, I think, would be able to get into these jobs and apply their already strong skill set to these jobs.

We don’t even have a colony on the moon let alone Mars.

And I get it, it’s a meme that is posted to be showing how fed up on the shit people keep on doing to us. Not only the environment but many other social issues. We don’t just give up on fixing the problem, we keep on trying to fix the problem. As soon we discuss our issues of the problem we can cooperate to solve it.

If we are not responsible for taking care of the earth, we will not last on another… maybe even die out before we establish a home. It’s foolish we can do anything we want without consequence. We can’t “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore” anymore as it’s just being defeatist.

Be the I don’t want “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore” anymore

It’s a double negative, I can dig that. We need to get out of this pessimistic view of everything we do. Just keep moving forward, you got to take hits how hard they hurt and keep seeking your goal. This view how you want to just dwindle away and die in a hole. We can’t live like that… Left or Right Politically we need to do more for our earth.

As I want the generations after me to be Healthy, Happy and Proud of what we do now.