Ethan from h3h3productions removed a video about something that relates to drama.

Ok, they did the right thing, when a news or individual reports on the things around them. To give their opinion and place on the topic at hand and get it wrong. H3h3productions went the extra mile to fix their mistake.

When it is wrong, the damage is done based on the reach they have at their deposal. Ethan, Has done the right thing once finding out a mistake and removing the video. Plus going the extra mile to answer ‘why?’.

You wouldn’t get the same from large media outlets when they are pushing a agenda. Normally they knew or stepping back makes them lose credibility but in my eyes, they gain so much more.


When I listen to a podcast or read an article I hope that what I read is honest. Its backed up with sources and a group of people that will back track to recover then they make a fault.

You won’t get that often in media today and honestly that’s why I don’t like election year and most major new agencies. They will reject integrity for ratings any day.

This won’t last, though,

As Public all over the world getting far smarter in many places and taking more steps to question knowledge given to them. “Is this true?, Maybe I should double check!”