I understand this is published April 1st, but this is an honest article, not a joke.


Nothing can say how great it is than epic Skyrim is. Heck, I hardly had a copy but since so many people had the game at the time I got a chance to play it. Especially since here at the place I am living at has it on Xbox 360 and I have tried it a bit.

Even on Xbox its a very good game to play in sessions, or longer based on your time. Take on a quest or adventure the world around you. Being an open world its takes a lot of time to complete it. As it does have many factions, quests, and easter eggs it’s no joke you would play multiple saves and do “what if” pathlines to see it in its entirety.

Yet there is Tamriel Unlimited Online

Because seriously it would be nice to play Skyrim with friends. It’s mainly interesting as a single player experience as well, I don’t want to make it seem you can’t have fun by yourself.

Tamriel Unlimited, Was going to be a subscription based MMO based in the elder scrolls world. It didn’t pan out so well with fans and additional issues raised so they went with the guild wars approach and went buy to play.

Honestly, I can’t Rate this game, Its proven to be the best…

I would highly recommend this game to anyone interested in RPG’s Fantasy based worlds. As this game very action based… So if you like Real-time combat that would be a bonus. It stands as one of the best games of all time for a reason for me anyway.