Well, you have gone done it now since your revenue at risk.

So Youtube is getting changes because Google is on red alert from the controversial placement of ads on the platform. This is an overwhelming account freeze on Google’s clientele because of improper video channel getting ad venue and lack there of control to keep such revenue from an unacceptable source.

The change that Google is suggesting limiting ad payment (or Monetize) for videos til they reach 10,000 views in the channel’s lifetime. This does mean you need to build up views on your video to get money from monetization. Google hopes to cut revenue to spam/hate or channels breaking their youtube policy. This is normally an issue as youtube has been avoiding enforcing their policy for too long and unwilling to get proper staff to handle Issues that occur.

Wait wait… but I had an account as a partner for like ages… I don’t have 10k views yet this means I lose any income?

Well what people been saying, 10k views is about 10 USD in revenue generally. To get paid you need 100 USD owed and setup to get the money so from one channel you need 100k views or more. So honestly that isn’t an issue as money isn’t really made til you hit that milestone.

What I hope “new” channels are going to be affected by this change. However, older channels under 10k will be hit as well and should be warning of things to come. As making youtube videos isn’t for everyone more-so as getting starting making money from them takes more work. This shouldn’t be a problem if someone has a user base that will view your videos IE a community or forum.

What are my thoughts?

It’s annoying, to say the least, so my thought is it might be good or bad. I can’t say but sucks because it took major corporations to get google to get in gear to even ‘try’ and fix the problem (at least one of them anyway.)

Source: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/72851?hl=en