For those that know how I see the world, I’d prefer to do what I can to those I consider friends or family. Those that are struggling and are good people at heart. Doing good because it’s the right thing and that’s what I want to do personally shouldn’t need some big brother deity to guide my actions and should handle myself.

I was invited to Easter Service which they prefer to call it “resurrection day”

Which, to be honest, was something I wanted to avoid as I am strongly atheist/agonistic (Its that I don’t completely dismiss a god exists but I have my reasons to doubt Christian god to have unlimited power without faults) and my sister/brother-in-law understands how I feel about such things and will go out of their way even asking me to attend to make sure I feel alright during the service.

Heck, this is perfectly fine, I could have said no and I never attended the service. My Brother-in-law made it clear I should get out of the house as I do get cabin fever but left it up to me. It’s more like an honor/respect thing going on here. I might doubt their religion but I won’t say anything unless I personally feel hurt by it. Which hasn’t happen since I moved in and any issues I been always comfortable around them.

On contrast to religious families that take their faith to the extreme and blindly following their view and not the text.

Now, Individuals will differ but hear about atheist/transgender such being cut off instantly is pretty vile. However, at least for those that use the bible for guidance, you should be understanding even if you’re angry. It makes even the most kind of followers of christ look bad but there always bad apples in the bunch and it sucks that the case.

Our world is a very scary one and being cut off can ultimately make anyone a very sadistic view of the world. Being a Social Species we forget that we need to work together even when our religious views are not compatible we can’t lash out. Our ancestors did that and we need to grow beyond that.

So does that mean I am going to start following Jesus?

Unlikely, I’d prefer to talk to the guy in person so I can judge him for him. However, this may not come to pass if not in my lifetime anyway. Right allows those to follow anyone that makes them a better person in a paragon view.

This is why I can get along very well with theists if they are not rude themselves. I avoid sparking a conflict as there is no need to do so. This is why most religious discussion I prefer to just lurk over then take part.

However, this allows me to enjoy atheist and theist comedy…

Easter wasn’t, however, a time for such Joyent time as people were talking about their struggles and almost fearing the worst. They found their hope in their belief. Personally, isn’t a bad thing, This allows them to accept death and seek an ending that fits them. If they are not pushing it on me I have no problems with it.

Releasing info of religious views seems bad and not sharing them instantly isn’t bad if you’re not a horrible person but being careful. Being able to make it clear that a position could be problematic in the future should be discussed and make clear respectably.

As I write this, I conclude…

Good people are not out to make people suffer and I live with good people and as such should be respected as they will respect me in return.