Hacking is always going to be a thing…

How to deal with hackers regardless how you feel about it hacking always going to be a thing online or your daily life (hackers always make companies improve their infrastructure). When you notice that your shit threatened or not there some ways to reduce the critical strike of the hack by doing simple things:

Always keep passwords complex and not easy to guess.

If your a gamer like me you have a steam account and such and keeping your passwords complex is good but also:

  1. Passwords need to be unique to each service or device to eliminate “Cascade Failure” for hackers to gain access to deeper and more personal data.
  2. Write down and keep your passwords in a safe (if you have one) or in a place you can find it.
  3. Passwords need to be changed once every 6 months AT LEAST!
  4. Complex passwords need to be more than 10 characters with symbols and numbers.
  5. Never save your passwords on browsers (ever!) or on your PC unencrypted

Uninstall or disable all remote access services on personal or critical systems.

When you have a program like TeamViewer should be uninstalled and cleaned from your personal computer. When you’re sure your system being hacked or think it might be soon… Any program that allows remote control needs to be removed when not in use. Hackers that learn about your software update patterns and the gap you have they will try anything to exploit it.

  1. Make sure if you HAVE to keep the software, always update it weekly.
  2. If its business then I would suggest applying regional IP blocks to reduce the attacks from proxy attacks.

Windows has services that relate to remote control and ports that allow it. Something like port blocking software stronger than windows firewall might be ideal.

Other than updates like security updates… Sometimes the newest OS can be an issue.

I suggest if you thinking of upgrading to the next OS in the line get news how it’s doing. For a few months before going for gold. These are important notes when thinking of upgrading even if the company is pushing it.

What if I get an e-mail or letter threat that I will be hacked.

This has happened to me at least 7 times in my life most of the time they can’t deliver their threat. If you get a threat you should report the letter to your local police department. E-mail threats to federal or anti-cyber crime department.

When a threat is made, block, report and move on. If they really follow through on their threat then they will have left a trail for law enforcement to follow and possibly prosecute.

Avoid talking back or doing something you will regret.

One thing that hackers could do is use any method to mess with you and even provoke you into giving you less legal ground to stand on.

ALWAYS when you deal with hackers. Do not talk to them! Making threats doesn’t help you in the eyes of law enforcement and if the hacker is caught and you’re doing things you shouldn’t to the hacker they will win in the end.

And one last thing…


that is one thing I can’t stress enough if you lose the battle, make sure you don’t lose the war by having your backup being wiped because it wasn’t removed when not in use. IF you keep this up you will know “How to deal with hackers”