It has been too long…

Dragons are the best and honestly, I hardly did a dragon art list for some time now. I got caught up and dealing with many other things and talking to friends. (Yes, yes procrastination and laziness)

The GREAT Dragon pear! by xKoday on DeviantArt

For April Fools, there was this Pear Joke and honestly this looks pretty interesting. The fruitty Hybrid, a adorble yet scary combo.

A Dragon’s Solstice by XRosewaterX on DeviantArt

This caught my eye instantly when I scrolled down a bit from the Pear Dragon, Rose Water did a very good job with a blend of Teals and Purples.

Dragon Monument by tohdraws on DeviantArt

I like the moss growing on this dragon relic. With a monk meditating at the base gives it so much more majesty. The environment is pretty spot on and gives me a sense of being there almost. I wish someone makes a story to this image. It would give this image more justice, as the artist did a good job even being out of the game.

Fire Dragon by playfurry on DeviantArt

Or if an Orc was a dragon, well if I had to describe it anyway.  Though I normally avoid Anthro characters in these lists. I saw this and through “Pretty badass” and that’s all I have to Justify this piece.

The Fire Breathing Pear of Salamanca by Kipine on DeviantArt

*Laughter* This is another Pear Dragon but this is like if your party/squad saw this and think “What evil wizard made this abomination?!” and honestly I am thinking “Does this taste like chicken or fruit?”