As I made it clear in my earlier article I live with a family that is Republican, Religious and voted for trump. Does this make them bad people? NO, and far from it, if you needed an answer to that question.

So… Abortion

The topic of abortion came up and in our light debate we found small middle ground (for only specific circumstances which be the only time an abortion should be allowed.) That getting an abortion can cause issues1 in the future for the woman involved and could lead to cancer but that is very rare and not really confirmed2. As its hard to study it as it used to be banned in 1973. So if women did get abortions it not only a very personal thing to talk about because of many social factors.

The Gray area that we found some common ground. This was when the life of the mother/child could be lost, or Rape victims. Abortion in our discussion should be life-saving measure, not a contraceptive as there are other methods and healthier ones at that.

Planned Parenthood

Ok, This brought up Planned Parenthood and their actions that fuels most Right Leaning to support defunding it. The main issue is that abortion should be done by a hospital as more professional and equipment available should reduce risks and if additional problems are found can be handled.

Also, another reason was its racist founder Margaret Sanger3 which in my personal opinion based on this information is a horrible witch. Wanted to reduce the minorities having children for the ‘greater good’ which when I looked it up, made me very disgusted.

My issue is women should have the choice ultimately, and privately…

It’s bad enough when the social stress can be much for anyone to handle. Being Judged enough when the situation is bad enough IE rape. The whirlwind of emotions can be Chaotic for the individual.

Based on CDC numbers4 (from 2011 data) of women getting raped completely 11.5% which is 13.8 MILLION women… also 834,000 of men of that year. Based on Guttmacher Institute numbers about 17,0005 women got an abortion. So this is a low number anyway.

Possible solution

If Planned Parenthood didn’t need to be funded or removed as the main place for abortions and allow abortions under conditions at normal clinics then maybe it be an equilibrium for women’s rights.

I read things that Planned Parenthood which I couldn’t really find at the time but I hope isn’t true as pretty disgusting. It is rumored but til I can get facts to the matter I will have to dismiss them for now.