Now, I shouldn’t need to point out how Pay to Win this game is… the reason is that the “DLC” gives you perm. boosts to credits and such… Paying money into this game gets you so far you could unlock every non gold ship within a few months than years on the weekends. If you don’t like Pay to win I wouldn’t recommend this to you.

The grind for non-gold players isn’t as bad as like world of tanks as getting to Rank 6+ ships isn’t hard and farming PvE is easy with friends… There is no real challange here except in PvP where the mm in my eyes tries to balance teams with atleast one good player per team but this game you need to know what to do or your team loses even if that means you get less kills or less efficany which makes the goal of an objective lost… You don’t really get rewarded for spoting for artillary or Long Range ships… If you don’t have capturing on (if you get hit) you lose out on a lot of points for capture (which is very high for some reason)

This game is addiciting but once you have other games to play than this one will be worthless… Invasion is horrible as getting around in larger ships is hard and since weapon balancing is off for this mode you will die and lose all the work you place into it except for some missions you do… In unsafe zones if you don’t have someone to back you up or your not in a high tier ship you might as well forget getting anywhere profitable on it and do the normal PvE missions.

The developer for this game is trying to make money ONLY and not make a fair and balanced game for all… I understand permium or items cosmetic to the game. World of Tanks does have Gold tanks but they are not very effective againist their tier except for a limited few.

My Review on steam. Posted September 16, 2014.

Updated Review:

I Recently played a few rounds of Star Conflict to see if it has changed. My Reviews are never final absolute reviews of something like a game as it can be improved. So far, Pay to Win Factor is still in there and honestly, it’s hard to remove once it in but here we go:

Star conflict is an interesting game, it’s like a hodgepodge of many games mixed together. Like open space, instant action (PvP, Missions or VS AI). It’s ideal for the player that plays short sessions and doesn’t have much time to get into this. Graphics are pretty good for even my level of the graphic card in my tower which I’d say is a Medium.

Gameplay has a good resonance to feel like a real sci-fi space game for its instant action and more free roaming gameplay. If anything the developers are still on point. Especially being much smoother than other titles that deliver very similar gameplay.

This, however, falls short like I mentioned earlier Pay to Win is very strong in this… to getting better loot after matches outside of premium account. You can get ships at high levels and unlock the new destroyers quickly.

Side notes:

Additionally, Game Quests are much longer than they were in the past… this might be because of the pay to win. It wasn’t good before but I hoped it would improve. This hasn’t been the case. You could be waiting 2-4 mins on Avg for a match and when you need to grind is an issue. This can be avoided by doing missions in a squad if you have enough people that want to play this game together.

This is a personal issue and honestly once looking through the options I found it… Auto-afterburners are honestly the worst thing to turn on by default. Think about it… you lose energy if they are always on. When did this get added anyway?

Review Verdict:

I still won’t recommend this game to others, I would play this game, but it’s not ideal for something I should recommend to first timers or veterans of related games. There much to do but it kinda rubs your face in the pay to win stuff often.