The idea of racism (in the sense of superiority) to me is from an older age. An Ignorant age where knowledge or data couldn’t be shared near instantly within the United states. When I see a person as a person and that person has similar or equal footing as I. They can acquire assistance (When injury or injustice is applied) when footing becomes unbalanced to realign the balance so this unfair thought or practice is removed.

There always will be unfair systems in our world. With time and Persistence, we can correct the errors of our ancestors. Especially when faced with immigration, social issues and/or outright hate. There are people that want to keep holding onto this vile outlook on someone or group on their color of their skin or gender. If you grew up with Christian, Muslim or non-religious parents. This Ignorance that sometimes in our world has been made to make clear their status is clearly higher (And they may not be doing this on propose.).

When you misstate or make a message that was meant to be a teaching moment that is used in the opposite way by someone else. It’s honestly a pain to talk about racism as it can be used to hurt someone’s image. Like they shouldn’t talk about it at all… and that doesn’t solve the problem and allow it to get far worse.

When can we get to a point where we learn and discuss racism that clearly is an issue in our country and the world overall. We can’t just paint someone with a stroke of red crimson when they are clearly trying to address the issues at hand.

What can we do?

When we all start this process to understand at a deep level that we are ALL human. No matter what the height, weight, gender, race, religion and stereotypes etc. I Just get sick and tired when people don’t understand someone on the same level. When we can mentally grow above such toxic issues and fix them without any further delay is a wish I want for the whole world.