Or that one thing that brings us fear as adults

Not having money sucks and many people know it… you know it and seeing the word’s “insufficient funds” scares any adult into anger than any other set of words would do. Making our life stable is when we have savings high enough that gives us some basis for a decent life.

Well, the unexpected or foolish actions will end us on this path to ruin. Having insufficient funds makes us unable to go further and we become powerless to stop it.

And as time ticks we grow paranoid

Nothing is worse as your wallet is empty and you haven’t been paid. The walls seem to close in and we breathe harder and faster. A panic we can’t leave out as our stance. Unable to have authority to pull ourselves out of the hole.

Don’t let it get that far. Stand up and plan. Budget yourself and be willing to give up on small presents along the way. You can’t have something if it causes you pain later in life. Grand forthrought of our accounts will lead us away from the red and into the blank… A world not effected by “insufficient funds”