Whis Really Does Care!

DragonBall Super In Episode 80 we learned that Whis and other Angels are not affected by erased universes. That he has no reason to worry or be really concerned that his life would be in danger. However, I feel that Whis would be clearly worried in the end of Universe 7… Since all the wonderful food and characters he gets to hang around with. Even with the power we really don’t understand it, he has something emotionally invested in if U7 goes bye-bye.

Granted, It might be his job to ensure to give warning to Beerus or his pupils (Goku and Vegeta) warning if something could go horribly wrong. This is made clear when The Grand Priest leaves to inform other Universes about the event and Goku the true ending for defeated universes (Then we learn that low mortal levels (This isn’t Raw Power based individual/Group measurements but civilization’s development)) as Goku wants to plea Zeno-sama to not do so.

As stated in the show, Mortal levels are development… since U7 had Frieza, Majin Buu and various villains that countless civilizations are gone and the low mortal level accounts to that (or that I assume is why.) and also why Supreme Kai and Beerus argued about when it was made clear.

So they were going to delete anyway.

Whis helped make it clear that Goku made it possible for the low-end universes to save themselves a fate worst than death. So we got to thank Whis for that at least. Because he stated that the universes would have been deleted anyway. Almost giving hint to everyone else more information so he does show some interest of U7 more than his big sister does.

In the end, Whis won’t go out of his way to save U7 from being erased… But that small investment he has clearly he would give some help when needed to keep it from being eliminated. Gotta save that wonderful man.