One thing that most people in this world share in the post-digital countries. With all the numbers in our favor, we can’t seem to move anywhere. Something that even in silence we still know the meaning… Rejection is something in its effect is heavy negative for those with weaker self-esteem which erode such strength over time. This is very common in jobs and in a few countries where the idea is if you really want it you can get it.

Getting into College you want, Asking someone to be your partner, Friendships, and etc are where rejection can creep its ugly head. It can be small nagging feeling to a soul-crushing force. Rejection isn’t always something you can shrug off and move on. Soul searching and self-analyze oneself to really figure out the problem.

I won’t say this always happens but shouldn’t be dismissed as well. When you’re rejected not for your ability, good interview, and references but you’re not in this inner circle. If your not a friend to a manager or higher your not going to pass even if you can run circles around the accepted lot. Networking is so much more important… however, some networking is quite a disservice so some individuals with great qualities but it seems that some employers don’t want to be replaced so they will always get sub-par workers that will just “pass by” not that will do great things.

But alas Rejection can only be fought to persevere for an ACCEPTED. It might be easy to give up but life is how much you can keep getting hit and keep moving forward.