Early Access, New Challenger Approaches

In a game where the world can be terraformed at the start, you are flung onto a planet to begin building your base and visiting the rest of the solar system you are inhabiting. You have to deal with storms, Spikey-plants and the occasional glitch (granted its Early Access) but pretty silly ones.

Once landed I had the choice to sit where I was unable to be killed and live forever as there no hunger or many survival mechanics (unsure how hard they are aiming with this). So I can’t say how deep that rabbit hole will go but I assume that it will stay pretty simple like the game design which gives it a level of cuteness. The game can be used with a controller so full scale relaxing with this is possible with this title.

You collect simple Resources: Compound, Resin, Ore(s) and fuel to build up your base and vehicles. And friends can join you through steam to assist. hilarity will ensue when someone makes a house of terrain or something else loony.

I have high hopes for this game and its dev team.

Link to site: http://astroneer.space/
Link to Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/361420/