Laying down in pain as the jagged stone knives poke my back forcing me to get up. The Sunlight blinds me as I Parry it off my face with my arm. My head is hurting, as the wind blows past me. Not cold but dry til it rains on me and the wind blows harder, at which point I stand with still fatigue my legs shake.

I must have woken unsure what will happen. Maybe something is testing me… as my dreams, if I don’t take control it will beat me as sweat pools and my shock wakes me or so riddled with annoyance as I turn my body to balance out for some comfort.

From one who sees the world not the same as other peers, I think of demons are ourselves and some people can beat them, control them or accept them. For better or worse….

This is only a dream, nightmares don’t scare me anymore. You can only try so hard for so long til I rip the power from them. It’s when I know I am unsure my own subconscious fighting me as well. A battle that goes unnoticed for others but still in there.

Hiding and running never works, you have to face something head on. Accept whatever comes your way. You don’t need to be a hero but you must seek your own justice within.