And I enjoy every moment of it! Crisp cold air, gentle cool breeze… I am home! This is when I am wearing shorts and no jacket… I love winter!

This is it, I am back, in Oregon again! No longer stuck in that Deep Frier called Phoenix Arizona. Granted I met a few people out there but I need to do it more often and seek to talk to others more. Being an introvert I am thinking that might be a wee-bit of a problem as my computer is my best friend.

As a best friend I took like 4 hours trying to fix a blue screen of death on startup when I got everything together. Hell, I just needed to uninstall a driver that been giving people issues VICTORY FOR VEG…. ETHAN! (I been watching a lot of Team Four Star on my phone.)

Princess (The nickname my community has given my father) has been unable to deal with the cold. Driving back to my grandfather’s (On my mother’s side) place to see my grandmother (On my Father’s side) as well go and visit family and see my nephews opening their Christmas presents. Princess wanting to head back to Arizona or Philippines’s as soon as possible.

Now I am looking for work and getting into a place trying to strike a deal with an apartment owner to see if I can move in for cheap and maybe help them out as well.