One of my Clients that I work with daily had this issue that popped up.

It seems Window 10’s list of unacceptable bugs and glitches keep piling up. This is one of the reasons I remain on Windows 7 and when that no longer has the support I am going to go Linux OS that supports EXE programs very very well.

So this issue with the menu requires some advance actions. IE administration mode for Command Prompt and it’s usage. Finding hidden folders as you need to go to your Roaming Local folder to remove an issue. If all else fails able to backup all important data because this issue can get so ANNOYING that you must Reformat your drive so if you don’t have the OS disk or didn’t make a backup disk (which is still a BS move by Mircosoft part) So you might have to get a NEW OS with the disk if you haven’t done this already but that is the WORST case.

So here are a few locations that know how to fix the issue: