One thing that I have seen, Dealt with or done (younger, which I didn’t know it was a bad thing.) is stealing members into other communities/clans, however, this is a gray area as people choose whom they want to be with. Communities grow and shrink as people change.

Then outside the natural flow are those that recruit from larger or active clans or communities… though innocent or horrid is a very despicable method of growing your member base.  This method has the recruiter join a community to talk to people one by one or in groups while administration or leadership is offline. Courting younger/starter members out of the group to feed their own. This is something I would be against of my recruiters or clans in my community take part in this… this isn’t the same on mutual recruiting or mergers where the other 3rd party is well aware and understanding of the situation.

However, there are cases, people recruit outside of a community nor aware of its existence (which can happen often, this is the internet) this isn’t the fault of the recruiter or the recruitee. This is when if a community leader or staff takes issue with can’t… well on the grounds as they need to improve their structure, activity, and ideals to keep members in. Normally staff of the community might inquiry to get some understanding to fix their problems sometimes it’s not a permanent thing and they taking part of a tournament or event in a game that the community isn’t a part of.

This can also to larger classifications of groups or group of groups. Like a Network of communities if a community leaves and they have no outstanding agreement or law binding contract then a community can leave freely.

Then there is situations where a group becomes inactive or abandoned… where only the non-staff remain and slowly reform a new group. It happens with communities that have no long standing structure or backups to ensure the longevity of their group then leaving makes perfect sense.

Finally, There the most hostile and nasty groups that get into actions. That are instantly declaring outright war if even another community (same game(s) or not) become their enemies and must be removed for the betterment of their community. I pretty much don’t care if another entity came to me making demands and hating me/my group because a member of theirs join my community. It a waste of time and illogical when I did nothing to motivate the player within their platform.

For my network/community, I normally allow members to flow freely and recruiting is only ok’ed when it’s passed by me. Members that join or leave… I’d like to be aware and wish them luck or welcome them whatever the case may be. Being civil as I dealt with these issues and taken many paths that now I have a greater understanding than I had before.