Learn from what I Learned; When you’re the one taking care of family and you lack the skills or traits to be most effective in the care of your family member. It will get easy to get irritated and stressed… If you can’t take care of yourself… You just make a hike into a climb into a gravity well.

Though it’s honorable to do what you can, If they are stubborn or Dominant trait… They will do anything to get their way, even if they are harming themselves in their long term goals.

If you struggle they will say anything (even pulling low blows) to get what they want. Even Sensitive subjects that they are aware of. Even if you meet their demands they will place more expectations where your care will be impossible (You should be looking for a job, when you already assist with their work and work for one of their previous clients).

Standing up to some individuals might make them listen or if they are worse they will become adult bully since they can’t feel good about their condition so they break you down… and they may think they are in the right Especially if this person is your parent, uncle, aunt or grandparent.

And when it’s over, and you feel finally free. You have a new struggle than if you just passed or even avoided options that placed you into this situation. They might be back on track but you will feel used and abused even if it was the smallest of issues. Those feelings never really go away… well not for me at this point. You could have used help to get tools in place to get a better employment/income (for me it’s a lack of a license and a car).

My advice for taking care of a family member: If it requires you… to do almost everything to help them and your not stable doing so then you shouldn’t.