If you been aware of the news media finally saying something about “fake news”… Many of us that use the internet Vigorously have been aware of for some time now. This being pulled into false or misleading posts to support a agenda. Generally, if you get angry you will avoid researching the facts and instantly jump on the bandwagon thinking that some source that isn’t mainstream is credible when it can be very dangerous.

This is a strong fact with people that like to blindly follow something without having some facts to back it up. Granted we all don’t have the time but we need to source our findings so this is why most people that see such nonsense do laugh hard at individual for discussing¬†hogwash.

If all news articles start pushing sources and reminding readers to always “take time” to look into some details themselves to verify and reinforce. Being open-minded to learn more about the subject in question would be handy in improving ourselves.

A Future like star-trek where we visit the stars like we sail the sea to new places will only become reality when we all improve ourselves and help others by always question, learn and discuss.