I now have to find a new dedicated server now… anyway for the last 24 hours has been an enraging that ascending to a level than I normally am. Let me explain what I mean.

I came online noticing my putty wasn’t connecting to my dedicated server for dragon cluster for ark survival Evolved I got setup. At this point maybe there was a DDoS attack and I can’t connect but I looked in steam and saw my friend online on the cluster. Then I got blocked by a firewall but my IP (which hasn’t changed since I added it) I jumped on a putty client on my phone to fix it… reloaded the firewall and even restarted the server… still no connection. I sent them an e-mail “What the hell?” because I can’t even connect to their main site. Adding the server is due in like 5 days and I was looking forward to extending the server for another month because community enjoying it so far. Telling me to access the alternate website for support… lucky I could connect to it without issue.

They asked for the server details… fine makes sense… then they said I wasn’t blocked. In the ticket, I stated how it’s not my server. If possible please unblock my IP from your data center firewall. because no other IP I tested getting this and it being triggered made no sense like it was added manually or program thinking my connection which been the same since I started using my server got flagged.

At this point, I already changed my DNS, flush DNS in ipconfig and cleared cache (even though it isn’t only a browser issue) this made it clear it wasn’t my computer. But I got prompted to do this but out of humoring them I went ahead and tested. Asked to restart my modem or call my IP… as far as I know they haven’t done so… yet again I humored them.

Now it was like 2 AM and they are asking me to confirm the firewall command to be proper. COMPLETELY IGNORING my earlier messages. I gave up and I am no longer going to extend this server. I hate to do this to my community but this is absurd. Its like they went through my messages quickly looking at keywords to make a quick response not really looking into their own tools or contacting the data center to see if they mistakenly blocked my IP. NOPE! ITS CLEARLY MY FAULT THEY CAN’T READ A FUCKING MESSAGE I REPEATED A FEW TIMES. IF THEY CHECKED IT THEN THEY SHOULD SEND ME A RESPONSE ABOUT IT. FUCK YOU…

With all the Love,
Ethan Pow

P.S.: douchebags…