ENOUGH! #Notmypresident protesters… fine you are angry, scared or even feel unsure of the future. You will be Critical and carefully be watching. If you want these 4 years to be safe and balanced you need to relax, read a book and demand a high standard from the elected. There are unbreakable rules that are to be followed and Trump must follow them if he wants to win this presidency. If there more hate and destruction

ENOUGH! #TrumpSupporters Assholes that get into other faces and posts … Good, your candidate won and you’re overjoyed… no matter how much you want your country back. You share this country with fellow Americans that don’t share your view and ideal… WE ARE ALL AMERICANS AND HAVE SOME HONOR. Patriotism isn’t limited to the Conservative Christian base. If you think that, then your wrong… There are people that out there doing things to protect, provide and strengthen this country to be great with or without a slogan or trump without a second thought or hesitation. Be humble and unite not belittle and smug. I know many trump voters that are out to help their country and not throwing it into people’s faces.

Eat some humble pie and plan together to do better for everyone!
#USA #2016Election #Everyonestartingtothrowafit