Let me make a point that gone without any input, even though some people are going to skim over the top, judge my words but I am going to say how much I hate people wanting more than equal and fair rights.

#meninism – For ages and years it’s been written (even in the bible a matter of fact) how a man had rights over women and they were mere objects. Being born a man was superior position than being a woman… Could go get an education of the time, and pretty much full rights to even kill his partner for the most minimal reasons. It makes sense for years how much women slowly gained (and in some countries lost) rights and powers that they didn’t have ages before. Some civilizations did in fact honored women for higher for some tasks while men were sent to fight and defend. Spartans had some laws that allow women to fight back their partner with a knife if needed to defend themselves and to give a mark to show who was a bastard… A time that should be balanced as we are all built on the similar structure if it wasn’t, for one thing, we would all be the same gender (and wouldn’t be able to exist if we didn’t have the tools to repopulate). If you would kill yourself or say you would be submissive because that how it should be shouldn’t be then you are a subject of an age long past its due date and hope that some divine entity gives you the chance to live a short period in their shoes. Man up and be respectful to those as the scum of the earth will mistreat them.

#feminism – well for those extremist females that think since their sisters of the past was treated so horribly that they should have the same in the reverse in true equality can just go somewhere else… like the sun… Because that was a different age and time, which you weren’t alive for, that we now can’t change if we wanted too (if time travelling isn’t possible and even if it is… is a can of worms waiting to break down the world we know of into no existence or something like that) taking rights away to another gender isn’t justice or right… It’s just revenge for people that are no longer alive. Would just aim to make yourself and anyone that supports such action is a villain. Taking one step forward to take like fifty back isn’t going to progress us any faster. A man could be ultimately respectful without wanting anything in return, They are subject to social barriers and expectations like you are… If something in society is not helping then we need to work with people to change it and not blame or shame those not adding to it and unaware. It might be hard to believe but there are men out there willing to listen and honor requests that people give in return. Don’t bad mouth online how a man being nice to you is a horrible thing and think about it.

The lesson to learn here is that we can’t make people that are innocent (regardless of gender) suffer for the actions of those they had no control over. An eye for an eye doesn’t help and trying to bring the past back for power when those no longer need such power. We are humans and as such should be treating each other with respect we would want in return. A mutual EQUAL fairness for all races, genders and such needs to be our goal as humans. We must Progress or we just get Consequences closing ourselves off to reason.