Since I got this up and running with help my staff, friends, and wiki… the cluster is healthy.

I run an unofficial Cluster of the three official maps(SE, Island, and Center) and looking to get PGARKs on as well when they are working on Linux. My Cluster is run on a Dedicated server for ark and support large amounts of players at once.

1) don’t block or build defenses making impossible to get to the obelisk(s)
2) do not build in caves that have artifacts in them or not allow bypass (like in the center there a large tunnel system… you can build there as long people can get around without being harmed by your dinos/defenses.
3) raiding is allowed but do not wipe, Only take what you need… ORP mod is installed on this server and passive dinos are immune to damage within its shield.
4) Littering the ground without cleaning up, IE sleeping bags, storage or campfires outside your base
5) Admins follow strict guidelines I place… If a situation demands action then I trust them to handle the issue. provoking admins isn’t wise or use of common sense… We trust our players here to play the game and willing to have fun without ruining it for everyone.

3 mods on this cluster are:
1) ACM mod
2) Pet finder mod
3) ORP mod

We are open to suggestions and ideas for the cluster and willing to add mods if a demand is for them… I do however want to keep the mod list short and small size so people can join in quickly.