Ark: Survival Evolved, in my opinion, is a very well done and “professional” made game. Updated Regularly and honestly a rare sight in Early access on steam. However, they thought moving an expansion titled “Scorched Earth” has been met with major Resistance.

Now, Generally the hate been “Why is it releasing DLC when the game isn’t finished.” isn’t my issue… It’s more they are taking features that should have been in the final game and placing it in this DLC for more income without giving some notice to its community that it could need to do this for one reason or another. Normally they have been open to their community in the past and with much trust in studio wildcard’s ability with work with its community I hope they would have included some input to their reasoning but their own blog post to me seems very vague and doesn’t answer any questions. This what annoys me even more.

There really shouldn’t be a reason why they couldn’t have included the reasoning behind this and hell their steam rating wouldn’t be tanking for the main game if they just communicated. I hate when studios do this and refuse to try and talk about the issue at hand. The anger of this is reasonable if they were like, “hey, shit happened and we would like to get your feedback if you mind us breaking some features into a DLC for additional income because of this or that.” people wouldn’t be as much or majority be like,”ok that makes sense, Thanks for letting us know.”

Studio Wildcard made a mistake to its community that they could meld if they just give us some basic information. It’s the only real issue I have with this studio and I’d hate to see a shining example just refuse to clean up its mistakes. There are enough turds in the compost pin…