Think of this, you speeding along the data highway known as the internet and notice a very interesting piece of art that is done very well… Even in fact but the original poster didn’t claim ownership (or doesn’t disclaim but clearly isn’t the owner) and all sourcing isn’t included. I’d like to know who this person is and if they done any other work. Maybe I want to commission or refer it to someone that seeking a artist.

Promoting art or sharing artwork you find without scouring is a grave dis-service to the artist that made the image. They don’t get traffic needed… honestly its pretty damn lazy to not even get this data yourself and just because your source isn’t the original and lack the details shouldn’t be a excuse.

This is also why I am annoyed seeing complication videos… where someone uses other’s work or videos into their channel. It seems like stealing in my eyes but granted I can’t say if they have or haven’t gotten permission unless I was one of the content creators that was stolen from and its not within fair use IE like someone makes a animation with audio from a show or clips from that show being reviewed in small chunks giving feedback.

If you share artwork use proper sourcing to allow people you share it too get to see it. It makes you seem more responsible internet master… like batman… the batman that doesn’t break the rules but does cool stuff.

Yeah… Netman, The justice of the data highway.