Eve was designed for a niche of players (used to be a smaller niche of HARDCORE players til CCP removed those functions)… If it wasn’t constantly improved and input was taken by the community, Eve online would be dead by now. What do I know I played eve since 2007 and enjoyed every moment of it… even the boring ones (You will get bored, if you play solo, It may not be awarding playing in a group).

Eve online and player expectations weren’t that far off like no man sky are… normally people seeing eve trailers think they can grab their joystick and jump right into a firefight… but with the level of meta that eve has… there is no instant… you plan what you want to do. People hate waiting and exploring isn’t as rewarding as it used to be (til CCP opens up more regions or wormhole space.) spending an hour getting from the major trade hub (jita) to your base… do you take the long slow ‘safer’ high-sec route or do you take the low sec short cut through a well known horrid place (rancer) to save time… or do you have enough characters or friends to open up a jump portal for you with a black-ops to get you home faster if they are willing.

When a moment in eve happens, it’s something more, a climax after all the work waiting and planning and when it comes together or falls apart it really… It’s those moments you remember the most. Over time if you’re active in the universe… your own actions start to have an impact on others around you.

You might not be in an action packed war all the time. It’s like a very complex game of chess, you make mistakes… You get cornered and checkmate isn’t the end… You can do great things and the excited things require you to learn all over again.

It’s a Chore, It’s a job but once you’re in the groove. The universe becomes so clear.