If we had a silo or tank of water which comprise of the roughly $60 Trillion United states dollars (USD) in the world. If we said we had 600 Gallons or 2271.25 Liters of water that means each Gallon of water would be 100 Million USD each… and if we had Millions of people and split this evenly then each person would get 0.0006 gallons of water or 60,000 USD per person.

This means in value is equal and this is the most fair system… now over time money starts pooling to a group that provides services, goods or favors for more water. Soon a majority is greatly pooled into a few people’s hands therefore they have more buying power. Through at the moment some people won’t have any water left and struggling to acquire more since there less going around. Without water to pay for services they are left without them unable to take care of themselves.

Now a government that for the people well being would enforce rules so people working for those with more water would get a fair share of the time they took part and not what the rich water individuals think which would haggle with all the cards in the favor. This is what a free market is like… a company is to produce profits for its share holders and workers at the top… and pay as little as possible to any expense as possible… IE services, maintenance and workers.

Lets say this, what there was incentive to keep paying workers a wage that is fair and living paycheck to paycheck is a rare occurrence. punishment for companies failing to play by the rules and ensure their profits are used correctly and keeping the staff at healthy levels for its size and enabling its ability to be a better company before any shareholder gets money.

The more water flowing helps the economy for that country good. Less money being stored away and not given to those that would keep it flowing helps companies responsible and active.