Let me lay down something here; I be no expert but I clearly understand the roadblocks that keep people from succeeding in life. One of many reasons is Renting/Buying a home is very high versus 20 years ago. Granted other factors make apartements and houses so experensive is the owners themselves by they need to pay taxes and other things for the property.

Like, If you are a couple back in 1960’s you could save money and buy a home… back then there are less apartments and prices where more understandable. Now however your going to see mixed prices in high range, A apartment now adays avg around $1,200 or more (Source) for a single bedroom when the avg family income is $2,858.62 which is almost half! This mostly doesn’t include food, ulities and such. If apartments and houses where cheaper then there be less homelessiness as people are not as lazy as people like to say. 45% of adult homeless individuals have a job (Source) and off the books work was included which it won’t because that another can of worms.

If housing where about 35% to 66% cheaper than people wouldn’t be homeless or as homeless. People would be able to save money again and less likely to end up in a homeless position.