Well in the last week now I been working with an employer to acquire data from a area of towns and subdivisions of government. Luckily I got a list of all the websites but something that really bugs me specially when there is no excuse for it…. Maintenance Pages….

OK, I been managing and messing with websites for ages, when someone is setting up a good website there is no reason why you can have basic site in its place with all the contact data… a single page can do this but saying “click this” for a link that sends you to a 404 error because the webmaster has yet to work on that site is pretty unacceptable.

It should take no longer than 10 mins to swap a site on a decent host and hardware. Granted this can be failed if a connection or internet goes out but should be handled instantly when a website is being upgraded. A simple page with all of the required contact data should be on the site. These sites are most likely a relative/friend of the community staff to make a site and been side tracked. Hell I can place in a friggen basic site for 50 USD and do it with little down time if needed.

But why should I care? there a shit ton of sites that are official company/government sites that are poor but atleast it isn’t a “Under Maintenance” page. But at least I can find the data on these sites… I do have a annoyance with these but that for another article.

A simple solution is to just message these people. Most likely a community that completely overlooked or checked up on the website… There are many groups that are not completely into the digital age we live in but If the even do its over work they need to focus on. So I can’t blame them as I don’t know whats going on.