Oh boy, This is a big one, and I haven’t played the game to hear about it as it seems all game news outlets like to talk about it. Hell one kept going to talk about it a few days in a row.

Another Game Hyping itself so much that it couldn’t handle the pressure and pretty much crash and burned on release day. Where the first hour was amazing… another started to become clear how the patterns where found and bugs drove people insane.

The idea of promoting a feature and saying it will be there and when it release it doesn’t… Just hurts the development team’s dream and goal as people instantly will be very Judging on anything the game has (or hasn’t) got to give. After watching just a few streams and shows on youtube/twitch and such I come to the verdict that its not a game to get now til they fix their many… MANY mistakes of Promises they didn’t deliver.

After so many major companies bringing out horrid games that with their budget people been going to indie developers to give games they want. Now that indie devs like this are popping up like daisies, people are going to lose hope or stop throwing money to projects to produce games that promise what they can’t deliver.

Just hope Star citizen does better, Do’h mans sky is tanking it pretty badly… I hope they turn it around for the better of the genre’s lack of titles and empty void for so many years.