Ever hate it when a friend in group of friends force you to choose over something that could be avoided but MUST be handled right now? If it be because they where offended by their actions, belief or statements. Force you to choose bewteen them or others… not allowing inbewteen or understanding because it a sinking ship and I got my own lifeboat and I hate the rest of these people and you should too. Its a loaded barrel and everyone can get hurt by it.

United states commenters over the politics of the upcoming 2016 election have gotten stupidly absurd with insulting anyone over the simple choice. If you support their candicate… somehow your praised… then when you don’t your hated/vile/retarded and your points reguardless what points you have mean nothing. These people are assholes and without coming in with reason and respect for others is just acidic to the whole system whey communicate to each other.

Voting for Trump, Hillary or even Bernie Sanders (til he says he out I am not counting him out.) you have your reasons and as a human I will respect that… I might point out the reasons I am not voting for one or the other and the goals I hope the united states meet is with the candidate I choose and if they don’t get nominated there is no reason I forced to choose evil and even more evil. My evil will be a write in or with whom I feel effects the people positively and won’t forget the issues and promises made in their campaign. Even when Obama was running first time I thought he be a better choice because of one reason or another.

But then again why do I HAVE to choose for only 2 choices? Why is my choice instantly not valid? and why am I forced to conform to your goals because Person A or B isn’t what YOU want. How about you learn all the details and not get spoon-filled with bull and seek the truth yourself. When the Real election ends there NEVER 2 choices… I ultimately want to vote for the best for the country not what my peers want to win.