You know what really annoys me… when people react to someone that makes a post of their page and starts pointing fingers. I am getting ahead of myself and let me step back and show you what I mean. Pewdiepie, Markpiler and matthew santaro which are pretty large heads in youtube for their member count. All made a video about youtube drama… however to this date the only one I seen fully is Markpiler which is here:

which was a poorly made video trying to bring up youtube drama and how its becoming a problem. I agree… unnessary drama is shit and people seem to blow stuff out of the water… Just like another Youtuber GradeAunderA that I watch made a video and its here:

Now, he states he has no ill will but clearly he goes all out on markpiler… (others too but since I don’t watch the others I can’t really make a compliant about it.) though he makes points about his youtube video being a mess. He critises marks speech to his watchers which since Grade has no idea or cares to watch him about markimoo… which is the cute name that his fans understand… I am not clear how this name came to be but clearly it only ment for fun and constantly loses his shit over it. Then his hair… since it was dyed, it seems grade feels it is a vaild point. mark was infact struggling to make his point accross about this without calling someone out… if he did in fact tried to pratice this with a script he would find the right words to work with however markplier isn’t scirpted and even using it wouldn’t be the same.

It was when Grade that it was make it out that mark was a “retard” and that soured it for me almost uncalled for… like if one post didn’t come up grade wouldn’t have ringed up but isn’t that the point. The over-reaction and rage to a person over a post that someone else made? because honestly that is asinine. Going after the source but markplier didn’t in fact named anyone and trying hard to make it a learning environment to allow youtubers that watch him learn and become better people. It was a sloopy mess that I could have done better but I digress.

Grade’s video at mark was bullshit… mark wasn’t calling anyone out… someone else started it that had their friends make those posts. Grade I know your so happy about your 2 month no drama spree and taking the high road but… what the fuck man… Blame the real problem not a person trying to do something and cause drama… because honestly your only proving that youtube drama is a problem. Hell this isn’t the only person that goes all out on mark about this but since I do watch and follow both I wanted to place in my two cents in the mix. Maybe why this is why I don’t like to get into drama because in the next few months people will most likely be over it that even cared to watch it.

Its easy to point fingers, its hard to make a point without someone getting butthurt over it.