2016 US Race, Is a horrid one at that, has shown a lot of people on either side to be toxic and full of stubborn-ness. This article is to point out if you choose a canidate… ANY candiate to please be informed and sure that your choice will do good for you and others around you. Take some time to review your choices and make backups if anything goes haywire beyond the projected doesn’t happen.

 I am not here to say whom you should vote but I feel that people need to be able to get out of their comfort zone to find all the knowledge that makes a voter more powerful. To Quote Presindent Teddy Roosvelt,“A vote is like a rifle;its usefulness depends on the user.” If everyone takes the time and do some non-bias research you can find some shocking truths about your candiate that might make things clearer why there issues about them. There are groups out there that want you to think in a way to ensure their victory and their choices may not have your best at heart.

If a President is named after this election and everything gets worse… who is really to blame? the candidate? or the voter? so I ask every voter of every diffirent world view, gender, party and way of life. Would it make sense to leave the voting booth knowing you did your duty to your country a service by using all the tool at your disposal to have a abosule choice from your knowledge and ensure that the ideals you want your country to grow will be ensured.

So open that web browser, ask your self critical questions about your candidate… seek civil and reasonable discussions with your peers about the candidates and find more details. You have the power, you are a voter!