Its in Beta but its fun

Istrolid lets you design awesome ships from a huge range of custom parts to fit the combat role you need, from basic fighters and bombers to hulking battleships and speedy destroyers. There are no set units or factions, instead create your own custom fleet where each ship complements the others’ strengths and weaknesses.

Istrolid Ship Design

Take your time to perfect your designs, fine-tuning and expanding your ships before fielding them on the proving grounds of battle. Jump straight into tense battles for territorial control and positioning where you maneuver your ships in the way that best utilises their strengths, firing arcs, turn rates and energy usage.

Test your designs against other players in multiplayer. Face custom AIs with their own fleet lineups – solo or with allies by your side – or create your own AI that knows how to pilot your specific ships. Play through a campaign where you collect the parts you need to build bigger and better ships, using them to defeat increasingly tougher and more complex opponents. (my gameplay no vocals)

Ok, I gotten abit additied to this game… honestly is pretty fun and its a free demo for a game being released on steam greenlight here go and approve that game if you love RTS games.


  • Type: Indie Strategy Game
  • State: Beta
  • Release Date: unkown
  • Platforms: Browser, PC, MAC
  • Multiplyer: from 1v1 to 4v4. PvP and PvE
  • Single player campaign: 65 missions ~ 5 hours play time

What makes it different?

  • Units are not set but can be designed by players out of parts.
  • There is no fog of war, making it a perfect information game.
  • Units have no special abilities and keeping button mashing to a minimum.
  • Its a browser first game, anyone can play in 10 seconds.
  • Players can make their own AIs and have AIvsAI or AIvsPlayers battles.
  • Graphica style is minimal, colorfull, and assits gameplay.