So sorry a secret boss in undertale that was a kickstarter for a fantroll for a 1,000 USD that getting constant hate… what I been seeing in message its was backed from some fetish artist and toby changed the name and design a bit to not be affiliated (I yet to find proof of this so unconfirmed). The undry-ure hate for this character is every distrustful and unwarranted. Its a chubby dragon that is an artist (or a very inspiring artist) that is very clumsy and as such has distant himself from others. I refer to all fans of undertale not those only within the undertale fandom because in essence if you really enjoyed untertale as a game then it can be considered a fan.

He is a nervous, apologetic, but otherwise friendly artist. His attacks aren’t deliberate attempts to hurt you, but are caused by him clumsily trying to show his art.
-Undertale Wiki

Normally you would never run into this boss battle unless YOU want to run into him. I personally get angry over pissy children that say, “die furfag” (yes even those that are clearly adult age but with child mentality) honestly if you had no idea you would have NEVER ran into him (There is specific conditions in order to fight him). The hate is very stupid and technically is canon. Granted people like to be critical at anything and since people try and find wrongs in something in a game they find perfect they focus all their (if any) hate to “So Sorry” which the character is more canon than toriel and sans dating (which is only they are friends at the doors of the ruins saying knock knock jokes.) and matton dating papyrus (which there is no canon that states they are dating)… another thing the fandom has made up. “So sorry” is adding a tone of character that harmless in nature but trying to correct his errors by drawing you something. Being magic and his clumsiness it makes more problems, granted this can strike a bad note with people.

its very absurd this flame of hate that really need to cool the frisk down. Don’t like him then you won’t run into him without changing your date and time on your computer. I think people are joining the hate because they haven’t even faught him than saw a article from someone and got all high and mightly how “So Sorry” is a bad character… honestly “So Sorry” belongs in undertale because it was a promise to a backer that gave 1,000 USD at once. 

HOWEVER, The fanmade character RED would have been a great character to add to undertale and might been more fun than “So Sorry” but RED was only made AFTER undertale came out and a few months since then it became a GAME OF THE YEAR! this fan character with the maker making this game from the art from undertale and remaking the coding from scratch based on the game.

End note: people should be happy that someone contributed a lot of money to the undertale kickstarter and might have not been the most of the goal but it clearly boosted it. I WISHED the fandom would get over their asinine high horse rage and come down to earth.