A liar who lies to make sure less people or no people die. A killer who only kills those that will keep on killing… I am getting off the rails abit because the idea varies from person to person. Granted people mistake honor for personal Vendetta for their own selfish or misguided goals/enlightenment. People have to contend with the moral choices and make horrible paths to find their goals, good people can become evil and evil can return to the light. Sometimes pure light and dark never is the right way to say it but more than protagonist and antagonist on a view of a individual. 

We don’t wear costumes, however we have masks hiding our true nature… Our nature isn’t the same for everyone but reaction can be similar. Push someone too far they will bite, yet people like pushing the physiological limits of people for laughs. Its pretty sickening to say the least, people think themselves so clever to make someone fight their own morals to get under their skin if the rules where different they would avoid them. The rules that govern is the contain the urges or actions of anarchy… I assume select few would love the ability to kill whoever they liked because their ego thinks its possible. 

If logic and critical thinking of the actions and events around us is placed in the honest and productive way then maybe we would solve majority our problems soon. No choice is going to be prefect and seeking absolute perfection is a fool. The stance is we need to avoid being an bigot to those that are different without being respectful and holding logically sound agreements to the table.

Next time you think of your choices I hope you take the time to think what I said here.