If you use facebook I bet if you have a reasonable amount of groups, friends and family you ran into the generic posts like:

Like for [insert character of a show here]
Share for [insert character etc.]

and so on and there are times where people will post ones to make you say something to see if you conform to their belief. The whole process is completely unnecessary and full of bull, think about it, the idea is to get responses and more Notifications for the sake of Notifications. It isn’t giving a conversation or engaging ideas. Notification-whoring is pretty petty and hell its a pretty sad thing to do. Its done to show their Affection for a character, fandom, belief or show but once you like the page and make a few posts about it a week… I don’t think these posts really do much good.

However you can just ignore this post for satan… and we all know you don’t want that… and if you do… comment for it… I am not going to judge.