As the age of the spear ends, and the bow begins, then from the bow to the gun… we have a troubling time to understand that a gun is a weight of responsibility and lacking the skills to go ahead to learn how to use a weapon currently than just to be used as a symbol of how mature you are. its better that this tool be used with intelligence and wisdom then Pride and strength. 

Yet we have people misusing weapons, not for self defense but to act out sickening fantasies of becoming a hero to kill those around you because your not well to handle or used a gun. A few days ago I read a article about a Uncle Shot a 2 year old. The Reason for this? He was cleaning his gun…. however he didn’t unload his weapon by removing the mag and the bullet in the chamber to ensure that a misfire wouldn’t happen. He got a cleaning kit and wanted to use it.

I hear from very Responsible gun owners, “Always think of a gun if its loaded and handle it with care while holding it. Don’t point it at someone unless you intend to use it on that person.” and honestly that should be drilled into anyone that owns a gun. I find a lack of guideance for people that misuse weapons like guns quite disturbing. People need to know how its done before they can recieve once they prove they can handle it. 

I don’t mind someone having a gun, I might not even worry about it but it does worry me if they know how to use it correctly.